R&D Division - 1969

I believe Ken Haley commissioned this photograph, but can't remember the occasion.   I do believe that he had a copy made for each R&D employee at the time.   Several current Silver Bay residents place the date at 1969.  Sounds about right. Please email me if you find spelling errors...

rmco900.jpg (102363 bytes)

Left to Right:Bob Simmons, Paul Wahlstrom, Tony Beauto, Mike Skradski, Gary Vaplon, Jim Gay, Werner Talus, Frank Dickson, Lonnie Lyman, Ken Fisher,Tom Hanson, Bud Irvine, Jay Christiansen, Dr. David Anderson, Jim Torgeson, Nolan Kelly, Al Klaysmat, Penny Manzer, Willard Johnson, Shirley Burrows, Paul Conlon, Margaret Benson, Art Samuel, Ken Haley, Wayne Apuli, Dennis Wagner, Dave Dingeman, Dennis Koschak, Bill Collard, Jack Goulette, Bill Kobe, Don Schnortz, Dan Nass, Joel Beckman, Gust Kindstrand, Joe Wright, Jim Poppenhagen, Don Stulc, Dave Soderstrom, George Guillaume, Bob Lemire, Joe Nosek.  ..................Those were the days my friend!