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It was exciting to be part of a bold new idea to make blast furnace feed from low grade taconite in the 50's and 60's. But suddenly in the 70's everything changed. Outsiders who previously thought of us as the good guys, now called us bad guys.   When on-land tailings disposal finally pacified government agencies and the public and Reserve was making a more consistent, higher quality product than ever before, economics became our new adversary.

Our standard of living and jobs were threatened and finally taken away.  Some stayed hoping to ride it out yet once more, while others grew tired of the ever present dark cloud overhead and left for a new life somewhere else.

This all happened more than ten years ago. Some with the highest levels of perseverance and courage are still there, walking the same conveyor gantries under a different hard hat and part of a new adventure called Northshore Mining. And, many others are scattered all over the continent.  Yet the friendships we made and the adventures we had in that land of Gitche Gumee still stir deep emotions in our heart when we pause to remember.

A lot has changed in ten years. We have a new methods of communication undreamt of then.  What could we do with a web site dedicated to RMCO alumni?

Send comments or suggestions to webmaster for this site.