mandesk.gif (7874 bytes)      Long Download Times!

Yes, some of the images here are large requiring lengthy download times.  I've tried to compromise depending on the image content and resolution available in the original image being posted to the web. I've assumed that most views have monitors configured for a resolution of 1024 x 768 or better.  If yours is less that that (640 x 480 or 600 x 800) you will probably have to use the scroll bars a lot to view different portions of some of the pages and images. 

popup.gif (18964 bytes)Regarding long download times, there is one thing you might want to consider.  If any of these images are interesting enough to you that you might want to look at them more than once, you can easily save them to your hard drive. Yes, you will have to endure that first painful download, but after that, if you want to view the image again, or show it to someone who was not present when you first downloaded it, all you have to do is double click on the image file you saved to your hard drive using Windows Explorer, and the image  will pop up almost instantaneously in your web browser program. 

This is because all of the images here, and on other webs also, are either *.jpg or *.gif files.  Assuming your system is fairly generic, there is an association in your windows operating system that automatically calls up your web browser and displays the image in it when you click on files of that particular type. (This of course is the same concept as when you click on a *.txt file and it pops up in notepad, or on a *.xls file and it pops up in Excel.)

The way you do it is to right click on the image you want to save.  You will then see the pop up menu as shown at far right.  Select Save Picture As....., and then use the save file dialog box to determine the location for the saved file.   (Make sure you keep the .jpg extension on the file name.)

An exception might be if you installed a graphics editing program (Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, etc.) and during its installation or in subsequent use, you configured this graphics editing program to be the default association for *.jpg or *.gif files, then when you click on your saved images they will instead pop up in the graphics editing program instead of the web browser.  But for your viewing purposes, one is probably as good as the other.