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I got to thinking about a recollections section for the RMCO web after receiving a very enjoyable email from Chuck Furness soon after he found the RMCO website. He described among other things, early soap box derby racing, bicycling up the hills, and the ore train hanging off the cliff in 1959. I enjoyed it immensely and was sure others would also. 

I asked him if I could post portions of it here, and also tried to talk him into expanding on it. Some time went by before we got back at it again, but Timer did eventually add a few more paragraphs, and I, trying to grease the wheels, also wrote up a snowsledding experience from the early 80's. 

We managed to get Durwin White caught up in this enthusiasm also as the first postings were being added to the web site. 

So...... here are a few starter Recollections, and I hope to have lots more if I can get your help....

Would you take a few moments to jot down some of your favorite memories (and maybe some not-so-favorite) of life in Silver Bay and/or working at Reserve?  I'll be happy with anything from hand scribbling on napkins to fully polished and spell-checked Microsoft Word documents.  And, if you have a related photo or two, that would be great! 

Here they are...........

Growing Up in Silver Bay, Late Fifties. - Chuck "Timer" Furness

Snowsledding, 1983 - Ken Fisher

High School, 1959 - Durwin White