phone2.jpg (3268 bytes)Phone Books!

Bob Herold had the foresight to include 1982 and 1984 Reserve Mining Co (Silver Bay Division) Phone Books with the Accounting Department photos he sent to be added to the collection here.  Glancing at them, I caught on pretty quick, that the listings are great memory joggers. 

The 1982 book reflects Reserve Mining Co organization and personnel before major downsizing actions and  retirement incentives had begun.   (Maybe we were a little nervous, but thought (hoped) it all might work out after all...)

But it wasn't to be. Published two years later, the 1984 book reflects the sweeping changes that occurred in just that relatively short time.


Cover  Aho-Gowin, Grabow-LindahlLindahl-Sandmann,   Sanford-Ylatupa
Classified page 1Classified page 2Production and Maintenance Departments.


Page 1 - Exec Mngt, Envir Control, Finance, Human Resources
Page 2 - MIS, Security, Public Relations, Purchasing
Page 3 - Mngt, Tech Services, Stores, Conc, Fine Crusher, Pelletizing, Yards & Docks
Page 4 - Power Plant, Tailings Disposal, Elect Maint, Mech Maint, QC, Railroad