Reserve Mining in a Nutshell.

When I heard that Wayne Fenstad was going through and scanning some old RMCo slides I asked if he would send copies of a few that embodied what Reserve was all about.   This is what we came up with.  Thanks Wayne! 

450_Sign on Highway 1950's.jpg (34283 bytes)
The Beginning. "$160 Million project, 1300 jobs, 2 new cities!"
450_42_cardump.jpg (39866 bytes)
Ore from Babbitt Arriving at the Silver Bay Car Dump
450_46 Rod Mills.jpg (60486 bytes)
Rod Mills in the Concentrator.... As far as you can see.
450_ballingdrum2.JPG (55547 bytes)
Green Pellets Discharge from Pelletizer Balling Drum
(Yes, looks more brownish to me too...)
450_PelletFiring.jpg (35198 bytes)
Pellets in the furnace

450_fcedischarge3.JPG (48285 bytes)
Pellets discharging from a furnace
450_BoatLoader.jpg (23871 bytes)
450Reserve Sign.jpg (33601 bytes)
The winters were cold....