RMCo Engineering Department

This is also Joretta Nikula's photo, scanned in by Wayne.  Thanks!  The celebration was in February of 1982 and was in Frank Moschet's honor. The medal he is wearing reads "Happy Anniversary, Frank Moschet, 30 years of Real Faithful Service - February 1, 1952 through February 1, 1982".  If you have a fast Internet connection, you can view the photo full size by clicking here. (568K).   Name of individuals also furnished by Joretta and Wayne are included below the photo. 

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Front row: Eric Edlund, Dick Bronson, Larry McCorkell, Tom Caufland, Joe Betzler
Row2: Gen Grahek, Valerie Roberts, Frank Moschet, Jean Malner, Marv Pelkey
Row3 : Clint Maxwell, Kevin Klemmer, Carl Becker, Ray Peterson, Mel Pylka, Milt Rodeghiero, Bill Wilson, John Viola
Row4: Jim Gray, Norm Danz, Al Moyer, Dave Haapapuro, Garry Hansen