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Gen Grahek retired in 1982 and as was the custom at Reserve at the time, received a gift album containing photos of her co-workers.  She recently lent the book to Dave Mealey who scanned them into digital format and also compiled a listing matching names with images.  Many thanks to both of them as we can all now enjoy Gen's pictures! Click on the thumbnails below to view an enlarged image of each.  ( Skip ahead to page 2 of office personnel. )

Dave was on to a good thing and shortly after borrowed Eli Chupurdia's album of Operating and Maintenance personnel and digitized those photos also.  Roger Spencer and a few others helped attach names to the faces and a few weeks later I received a whole new batch of photos to include.  Thanks to everybody that has helped contribute to this! (Jump directly to the Operations and Maintenance page.)

A few months later, Dave obtained another album from Walt Skalsky's and scanned in those photos also! Jump directly to it here.

If  you can supply names for the few remaining "?" here, or if I have anyone's name misspelled or wrong, please send email to let me know.

Acctg Girls.JPG (43983 bytes)
Back: Michele Fenstad, Lil Payne, Louise McMillan. Front: Myrna Benoit, Jean Thorngren
Al & John.JPG (30649 bytes)
Al Forbes, John Voila
Al Moyer.JPG (35860 bytes)
Al Moyer
Art Samuel.JPG (25338 bytes)
Art Samuel
Bill Severson.JPG (27316 bytes)
Bill Severson
Bob Lee.JPG (55071 bytes)
Bob Lee
Bob Lemire.JPG (43366 bytes) Bob Lemire buyers.jpg (36308 bytes)
Stan Salmi, Dick Nelson
Chris V. etc.JPG (33347 bytes)
Back: Chris Viola, Dale Peterson, Mark Christensen, Jim Stone, Ed Johnson
Front: Bob Johnson
Dave Dingeman.JPG (36438 bytes)
Dave Dingeman
David H.JPG (43340 bytes)
Dave Haapapuro
DD etc.JPG (31950 bytes)
Back: Bud Saunders, Dale Matchett, Don Hedin. Front: D.D. Gustafson
deleo.jpg (36891 bytes)
Dave Deleo
Dick Hemmersbaugh.JPG (65665 bytes)
Dick Hemmersbaugh
Dick Reed.JPG (27899 bytes)
Dick Reed
doctors.jpg (24650 bytes)
Dr. Clifford, Dr. Leonardson
Don Wright.JPG (45711 bytes)
Don Wright
Donna D.JPG (27459 bytes)Donna Davidson doug.jpg (50057 bytes)
Doug Carlson
Ed Schmid.JPG (28834 bytes)Ed Schmidt
Emp Ben.JPG (33378 bytes)
Back: Andy Anderson, Gerald Jacobs. Front: Jean Voldness
Employment.JPG (28378 bytes)
Back: Bob Swindlehurst, Jim Andrews.  Front: Bernice Lindahl
Eng girls.JPG (33839 bytes)
Back: Valerie Roberts, Joretta Nikula. Front: Gen Grahek
Engineering.JPG (41484 bytes)
Front Row: Eric Edlund, Dick Bronson, Larry McCorkell, Tom Couighlin, Joe Betzler.   Second Row: Clint Maxwell, Gen Grahek, Valerie Roberts, Frank Moschet, Jean Malner, Marv Pelkey. Third row: Jim Gray, Kevin Klemmer, Carl Becker, Ray Peterson, Mel Pylka, Milt Rodeghiero, Bill Wilson, John Viola. Fourth row: Norm Danz, Al Moyer, Dave Haapapuro, Garry Hansen.
Gail & Pete.JPG (38034 bytes)
Gail Kind, Pete Rich
gena.jpg (47651 bytes)
Gena Bonneville
grosnik.jpg (26251 bytes)
Al Grosnik
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