montana1.jpg (4066 bytes)Billings, Montana Reunion - 1999

Big Sky Country.......... Year around snow on the mountain tops ...... Good Hunting & Fishing......

Ryan & Lynn Kisling, and Mike & Kay Skradski have lived in Montana for some time. Bill & Bonnie Kobe moved up there last year. Joe & Nancy Wright are just next door in North Dakota.  Distance isn't a big deal and they get together to hunt and fish in both Montana and North Dakota frequently. Its good to know some things don't change.  

The last time I saw these guys was 15+ years ago  ........ Snowsledding back from the Apollo on a Winter night in the early 80's and pausing for one last stop up by the water towers at the back of the townsite.  We looked down on Silver Bay, appreciating what we had, and knowing it wouldn't last. We talked about it a little.... But it was better not to.

Thanks to Joe and Nancy Wright for these photos taken at the spring get together in Billings. . Nancy said the four families were together again recently (June '99) in Anaconda, MT for Jamie Skradski's wedding. Congratulations to them!

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Mike Skradski, Joe Wright, Ryan Kisling, & Bill Kobe

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Nancy Wright, Kay Skradski, Lynn Kisling, & Bonnie Kobe