Construction and early production years  

Were you there when these photos were taken?  If so, you are a old-timer, probably with some great stories of those days. Thanks to Wayne Fenstad for rescuing these photos when Reserve was winding down to close its doors for the last time.

If you have stories (or more photos) from those days, I'd sure be glad to post them here. 

150_Flagraising.JPG (3617 bytes)
Flag Raising.  Pretty good resolution if you click on thumbnail to view full size. Date - ?
rec150.jpg (6292 bytes) Offices150.jpg (7859 bytes)
Rec Room Auditorium - July '52 Offices - May 1954
Plant2_150.jpg (6948 bytes) delta150.jpg (5087 bytes)
Plant - Dec 1954 Delta - 1961